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How Gifts Help [charity_name]

How Your Gift Helps

Every gift — public and private, large and small — helps provide the means for Brooklyn College to improve hands-on student learning opportunities.

Benefits of Giving

A gift plan can provide you with substantial tax advantages, especially on gifts of stocks and real estate. The total income, estate, and capital gains tax savings and the probate expense savings can come close to the amount transferred.

The Legacy Society

The Legacy Society was created to express appreciation and recognition for those who care about the future of Brooklyn College. The Legacy Society honors those whose meaningful planning and foresight will lead and advance the mission of Brooklyn College.

Donor Story at [charity_name]

Donor Stories

The Brooklyn College Foundation is grateful for the support provided by donors who have made planned gifts to our institution. Through their generosity, these individuals have demonstrated their commitment to the future of Brooklyn College.

Testimonials at [charity_name]


Brooklyn College has made a tremendous impact on the lives of our donors...